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* You get ₹500 credited on your Y account when your friend signs up.
Your friend also gets ₹500 credited on her Y account.


How many friends can I invite?

You are free to invite as many friends as you like. In fact, the more you invite, the more cash back you receive when each of your friends creates an account. So, it’s limitless!

How much cash back do I receive when my friends place orders?

You will receive 5% cash back in your account every time your friend places an order. Not only that, when your friend’s friend places an order, you will 2.5% cash back in your account and so on. So, Chain of Charms is an opportunity to earn cash back not only from your network of friends, but from your friends network of friends too!

Is there a maximum to how much cash back I can earn?

There is no limit to the cash back you can earn. The more you earn, the more you can redeem!

Can I redeem the cash back for real cash?

You can only redeem the cash back to get discounts on purchases made from our website. You will have the possibility to redeem up to 25% of the order value (including any other promotions) every time you check out. So, each purchase you make can be a bargain!

Where can I see my cash back balance?

You can login to your account on the website and visit your profile page to view your cash back balance under the ‘Credits’ tab. This will show cash back earned and cash back redeemed, so it’s an account statement of your Chain of Charms program.

Are the Credits in my account equal to cash back available for redemption?

The credits available in your account are converted to cash back in a ratio of 4:1. SO, if you have 8000 credits in your account, it is equal to INR 2000 cash back. The number of Credits available in your account and its corresponding value in INR is stated in the ‘Credits’ tab of your profile page on the website.

How long does it take for cash back to get updated in my account?

As soon as someone you invite creates and account, the cash back gets updated automatically in your account. Similarly, as soon as anyone from your network places an order on our website and the order gets delivered, the cash back gets updated automatically in your account. It’s a seamless process, and you can enjoy benefits perpetually simply by starting the chain to invite friends and ensuring they sign up!

Can I see my network of friends?

Your entire network can be viewed by logging in to your account on the website and visiting your profile page under the ‘Credits’ tab.

Can I delete a friend I have added to my network or remove myself from a friend’s network?

At this point, it is not possible to either delete friends from your chain once you have added them or to delete yourself from a friend’s chain once they have added you. However, it is possible to delete your account from the website, in case you would not like to continue.

How can I reach you if I have further queries regarding the Chain of Charms program?

Please feel free to Email us on or Whatsapp (messages only) on 98102 30784. We will be happy to serve you!:)

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