Every brand begins with a story. Y Jewelry started with Monika's tales of India's rich cultural jewelry traditions and her vision to combine contemporary designs with classics for modern women.Y Jewelry celebrates women, their values, and all things beautiful.

  • What Monika created as a platform of expression through jewelry of hope, love, beauty, affection and karma is an established jewelry design house today. At the forefront, Y Jewelry is a one-stop destination for all your jewelry needs. But a deeper look will show you that Y Jewelry is the apitome of every woman's visions, dreams, and passions.

  • Women are the reason, the vision, and the celebration behind the existence of Y Jewelry. Our brand embraces the universal truth that every woman is precious and a true jewel of the earth. This planet would have been a lifeless and colorless place if it had not been for women.

    Women bring life, love, beauty, joy and laughter, and what better way to honor them than finely handcrafted jewelry? Monika takes this reality of life and makes it the basis of her passion for designing unique and exquisite jewelry designs.

  • Our brand is the platform where women from different cultures, heritages, and values come together to celebrate their individuality.

    Jewelry goes way beyond mere adornments: jewelry is a form of expression and a tribute to women. This energy drives Monika and her team to create mesmerizing pieces in every collection. Our incredibly talented designer and her team strive to make each jewelry piece reflect the wearer's identity.

  • Our brand's mission is to give you jewelry that expresses who you are. We infuse a mystical quality in each jewelry product to make it resound with your values, beliefs, and emotions. This is why customers often remark how they feel their purchases from our store always carry a deeply symbolic meaning.

    We have built our mission statement upon our ambition to be the brand where women can collectively celebrate their values of beauty, friendship, discovery, aspiration, freedom, care, and success. We give every woman a chance to grace herself in natural charm with jewelry of real value and meaning.

    We give every woman to break out of the fakeness of digital life and experience profound beauty and ethereal magic through our jewelry.

  • Sterling Silver, our First Choice

    Y Jewelry makes no compromise on quality and value, which is why sterling silver is always our primary choice. Like every woman's story we serve, sterling silver too is precious. This metal does not bow down to fast fashion and does not involve a speck of plastic. Being lightweight and promising everlasting quality suits our mission statement and our brand's ambition perfectly.

  • We make fashion identity accessible and affordable for each modern woman of today.

    Making a fashion statement is every woman's right. Our ultimate goal and business objective is to protect our clients from intermediates, costly store locations, ostentatious organizations, and headquartes, providing quality, value, and true beauty at affordable prices, an indulgence every precious woman deserves.

  • By shopping with us, you will be connecting yourself to a brand that:

    · Is women-led

    · Designs its own piecesPrioritizes design, quality and service over price

    · Provides a plating thickness that exceeds the industrystandards

    · Provides the automated free online return

    · Offers an exchange of defective parts

    · And the list goes on...