Welcome to Y Jewelry – where your story becomes a part of ours, and change is not just expected; it’s embraced. Our tagline, “Wear your story; embrace your change,” captures the essence of what we offer: a chance to express your evolving identity through our unique, hand-designed sterling silver charms.

  • Monika is the creative force propelling Y Jewelry, designing pieces that transcend the ordinary confines of accessories.

    Her designs are conceived with a deeper purpose—to mirror the personal ambitions and distinctive paths that define each wearer's life. Monika’s work ensures that every charm is imbued with a narrative, capturing the essence of individual moments, whether they are milestones or daily experiences.

    She believes in the power of these stories to interweave, creating a composite that is as complex and rich as the lives they represent. With Monika at the helm, Y Jewelry doesn't just embellish an outfit; it offers a way for you to assemble a collage of charms that narrates your unique story, making a statement that is exclusively yours.

  • We’re here to redefine what it means to wear jewelry.

    We believe that every charm should be as unique as the moments and milestones that define those who wear Y Jewelry. Our clientele is dynamic, discerning, and diverse. They are individuals who value their unique life stories and see personal growth as the ultimate luxury. Age, status, or preconceived notions don't define our customers – a mindset that cherishes evolution does.

    • Sterling Silver, our First Choice

      Y Jewelry makes no compromise on quality and value, which is why sterling silver is always our primary choice. Like every woman's story we serve, sterling silver too is precious. This metal does not bow down to fast fashion and does not involve a speck of plastic. Being lightweight and promising everlasting quality suits our mission statement and our brand's ambition perfectly.

    • By shopping with us, you will be connecting yourself to a brand that:

      · Is women-led

      · Designs its own pieces

      . Prioritizes design, quality and service over price

      · Provides a plating thickness that exceeds the industry standards

      · Offers an exchange of defective parts

      · And the list goes on...