As the operator of the website, we – RIPOPS INDIA JEWELERY PVT LTD – regard data protection as a fundamental concern and we would like to ensure that your privacy is, and remains, protected at all times when using our online shop.

  • what are personal data?

    To ensure that we extend warm and pleasant services to all our users, we request you to adhere to the terms of use of our website and abide by the law. (may want to link T&C here, if any)

    To ensure that we extend warm and pleasant services to all our users, we request you to adhere to the terms of use of our website and abide by the law. (may want to link T&C here, if any)

    Personal data is described as specific information on the personal and objective circumstances of a specific or specifiable person. These particularly include data such as your name, your address, your date-of-birth/age, your gender, your telephone number and your email address.

    Your personal data are only collated, processed and used by us if you issue your consent, or if the legislation allows us to collate, process and/or use the information. Needless to say, we adhere to the valid legal stipulations on data protection.

  • why do we collate, process and utilise personal data?

    We need information like your name, address, phone number, email id etc. to be able to deliver products, extend services associated with an order, process payments, and respond to your queries and concerns.

    We also need such data to send out our newsletter insofar as you have given us your consent to do so.

  • What information do we collect?

    Only information that you enter while visiting our online shop or transmit to us in any other way is collated, saved and processed. You have the option to withhold certain information – which can, however, mean that you will be unable to utilise some of our offerings, services, and features.

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  • to what extent do we pass personal data on to third parties?

    Your personal data is for the exclusive use of Y Jewelry and our logistics partner. In other words, your data remains with us and we do not sell or communicate it to any external company, except our logistic partner for the purpose of delivery.

    We will have to pass on your personal data if we are fundamentally obliged to do so as a result of legal stipulations or legal processes (for example, inquiries from investigative authorities) or you have explicitly given us your consent to forward your personal data to third parties.

    The separate applicant data protection stipulations apply when using the applicant tools.

    We only store your personal data for as long as they are required for the processing of our services or for the period the legal stipulations require them to be saved for.

  • how do we protect your data?

    We deploy technical and organisational measures that protect your personal data against loss, manipulation and unauthorised access by third parties. We regularly update our security systems to the current state-of-the-art solutions.

    We encrypt your personal data using the SSL process (Secure Socket Layer process) for our online shop and for transmitting your personal data stored there, which includes the payment information. The SSL process is currently the most common and most secure Internet data transmission process.

    You can login to your account to download or delete your data. You may also use the contact us section of our website to request deletion of your data.

  • data collation using cookies

    We use cookies (small text files that are saved on your computer’s hard drive) to make navigation simpler for you. You can only use the site-wide basket display with the help of these session cookies – and comfortably read how many articles are currently in your basket and the current total value of your shopping.

    When you visit our Website, we also automatically collect technical and statistical data on the utilisation of the Y Jewelry online shop by setting cookies. We only collect information related to your visit to our web site, such as date and time of your visit, time spent on pages, marketing channel used to reach our site, etc.

    If you do not wish cookies to be used, your browser must block the use of cookies. In cases like these, however, your shopping experience may not be as personalised.