Y Jewelry is one of the finest brands that stands for lifestyle products of excellent quality, purity and original designs. Unfortunately, Y Jewelry is susceptible to counterfeiters.

To be able to continue to present to you jewelry pieces of high quality and craftsmanship, we kindly request you to check for certain red flags that might help you ascertain that a piece is fake.

You will only be able to purchase authenticated Y Jewelry products via our main website Do be aware that our company is frequently featured by dishonest internet dealers on dubious websites offering forged goods. These websites often resemble our official website and also feature our name in their web address to trick users into believing they are bonafide.

We are available at only one place - our website and are not associated with any other site/ dealer/ store.

Extreme price reductions and deviations from the original product prices also tend to point towards potential counterfeits.

As a brand, we are constantly working in close collaboration with international customs to uncover and immediately confiscate such counterfeits. It is extremely important to note that the counterfeit goods are cheaply made plagiarisms, produced without any quality checks, and they often result in harmful side effects on the skin.

If you have any questions about the authenticity of a piece of Y Jewelry, our team is here to help. Write to us at