Zodiac Speak: VIRGO

Virgos, the calm & collected sign are meant to be celebrated. Ruled by planet mercury, virgo is the sign of intelligence. With an aura that radiates positivity, virgos work like a well oiled machine in a very systematic way. Constantly learning and evolving, virgos are true blue perfectionists in every which way. Lifting up spirits around them, virgos always strive for excellence.  

For the loving and considerate virgos, we recommend charms from Y Jewelry that are aligned with their personality traits perfectly.

Responsible and Caring


Like a guardian angel watching over you, a virgo never loses sight of their loved ones. Earn a virgo’s trust and you’ll have a friend for life. For the helpful, responsible sign we recommend the Y jewelry 925 sterling silver Angel Wing charm. Give your unsung angels the wings to fly high!



Virgos are known as born perfectionists, their attention to detail is immensely particular. Call them set in their ways, but they get the best out of everyone around them. For the precise virgo, Y Jewelry recommends the Pear Drop charm in 925 sterling silver and a swarovski set in the centre which makes for a faultless accessory one can ask for.

Calm and peaceful


The most harmonious person in the room,a virgo always maintains a peaceful environment around themselves and shields their peers with their aura. Calm as the sea, virgos see the good in people. To mirror their tranquil nature, the apt accessory for them would be the Y Jewelry I come in peace charm with 925 silver and rose gold plating. Shine on!



One thing you will never find a virgo doing is showboating. It’s just not who they are. Be it the biggest achievements that shake up the world, they will shrug it off with a humble smile. For the modest yet confident virgo, we recommend the Y Jewelry Virgo Charm in gold which denotes pure intentions and desire.



As rational as they are, virgos can be completely trusted with keeping up with commitments. Meeting the best of everyone’s expectations is how virgos remain a fan-favorite amongst friends and family. They accomplish complicated tasks with efficiency and perfection like no other. The Symbol of Hope Anchor gold plated 925 sterling silver charm from Y Jewelry is the ultimate accessory for the anchors that keep you grounded and never let you down. 



As detailed and meticulous they are in all their pursuits, virgos are also very particular about carrying themselves gracefully. Focused on being the best version of themselves and putting thought into how the world perceives them. Naturally poised virgos must opt for the Y Jewelry Ageless Infinity charm with 18 k rose gold plating on 925 sterling silver for a minimal yet charming impact.

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