Masoom Minawala for Y Jewelry

Masoom Minawala, a front-runner in the influencer space, has remarkably been part of a chosen few who has crossed the geographic boundaries of India to represent the country on an international scale. She pioneered the art of blogging in India a decade ago, with a shift to Europe eight years into her journey.

During this journey, Masoom has mastered the art of practically everything that she sets her mind to. She understands the importance of storytelling, the unique DNA of each brand that she represents – even if it is fleetingly, she is relatable yet aspirational and has a personal involvement with all the projects she undertakes. Anyone can see that Masoom Minawala puts her heart into everything that she is a part of.

This time around, she has gone above and beyond herself – MM for Y Jewelry – a capsule collection that epitomises the enviable qualities of Masoom, her dreams, via the conduit of pristine quality that Y Jewelry prides itself on.

This collective is the confluence of Masoom Minawala’s unique style & sophistication with Y Jewelry’s ability to transform emotions into charms, and is bridged with the element of minimalism. It is like her – aspirational and rich in experience.

Not allowing herself to be put in a box, each piece carefully curated by Masoom, to decipher various pieces of her heart starting with her home – her roots that are in India – and no matter where she is, her inherent Indian-ness that will drive her lifelong homing instinct.

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