Friendship Day Gift Guide For Your #ChosenFamily

Friendship Day Gift Guide For Your #ChosenFamily

Every girl needs a gang of girl best friends to support her through the walks of life. Despite what the movies, books and romantic comedies that stereotype female friend groups depict, girl besties are the most supportive, encouraging and uplifting people in your life. They are your true cheerleaders who will guide you through all hurdles and look stunning doing so.

It’s time you appreciate the unique relationship you share with each type of girl bestie and their positive force in your life. This Friendship Day, celebrate your soul sisters with thoughtful gifts that will stay with them for a lifetime as a momento to mark what their friendship means to you with stunning sterling silver charms that are as long-lasting as your bond.

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to find the perfect gift for your Chosen Family.

The Mom-Friend

The ones you can count on with your eyes closed, they’re the ones who babysit you through every bad decision, listen to your woes at 2 am in the night, book you a cab after a crazy night and lastly, always be there for you-no matter what.

We recommend the Y Jewelry Blessed Charm to express your love and keep them safe. Adorned with a blue crystal and made of 18K gold plating and 925 sterling silver, this would make the perfect gift for the mom-friend that’s on always on your speed dial.

The Mentor

This is the bestie you call whenever you need genuine guidance and unequivocal truth. Think of them as a living version of everything you strive to be. She is successful, creative and always available with hearty advice.

We recommend the Stay Balanced Charm By Y Jewelry as a token of appreciation for all the times they have brought balance to your life with their positive presence. Adorned with a genuine Swarovski crystal, it is made of 925 sterling silver with 18k gold plating and would be perfect for your mentor bestie.

The Work Wife

It would be absolutely impossible to imagine a day at work without your work bestie. The work wifey is someone who gets lunch with you everyday, is your forever coffee break partner and the one you vent to in the meeting room during a mid-day meltdown. She single handedly makes work fun and something we look forward to every single day. You have motivated each other to work your hardest and that’s something to cherish.

We recommend the Fluttering Pink Heart by Y Jewelry which is a 925 Sterling Silver charm studded with pink cubic zirconia as a little love messenger to show your work bestie how they spark joy in your heart everyday.

The Childhood Bestie

You grew up in the same town, shared the same school bus, went through puberty together and experienced most of your firsts together. Your childhood bestie is someone who you’ve known all your life. She may be your neighbor, kindergarten friend, cousin or even your sibling. She’s the one who knows everything about you, from your most embarrassing stories to your deepest darkest secrets. No matter how much you grow apart, she’ll always be your sister.

To celebrate the unbreakable bond between you and your childhood bestie, we recommend the Love My Sister charm by Y Jewelry which has a 925 Sterling Silver bead charm engraved with the word 'Sister' in the center with 3 pink Swarovski crystals.

The Wild-One

She’s the one who marches to the beat of her own drum and brings out your creative and spontaneous side like no other. She’s the bestie you would call for an impromptu road trip, getting shots after a bad breakup and quitting your job to book a one way ticket to Amsterdam.
The wild one is who you need in your life for instrumental growth and undeniably fun times.

For admiring her quirky, free-spirit style we recommend the Y Jewelry Cocktail Glass Charm encrusted with cubic zirconia. This 925 Sterling Silver cocktail glass is just what your wild bestie needs to paint the town red at your next adventure.

It’s time to hit up your girlfriends and make your next plan for them to flaunt their charms in style!

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