Zodiac Speaks: Taurus

A typical Taurean woman can be described as loving, reliable, artistic, attentive, gentle, calm, and patient. She is introvert and deeply sensual, with considerable moral and emotional courage. She has a practical approach, is a loyal friend, and stands by them in any given situation.

Taurus don’t have an attitude. They just have a personality and heart that most people can’t handle. She is defined by the Taurus Heart

The feminine Taurus is the zodiac's goddess in her physical form; ruled by Venus, the Empress of Love, she lives entirely by this reality. The recently launched Dreamy Heart Charka charm is made to celebrate the boundless warmth in your heart.

The Taurus woman instinctively enjoys the finer things in life. Not only does she have sophisticated tastes in material products, but she also has a strong respect for nature. She is beauty-loving, sensual, and at times even somewhat wild.
She is at times like the idyllic flamingo charm, with beautiful accents – precious and personal. Inspired by the spirit.of social nature, affirming life and represents the many things that make you, the unique you.

A Taurus woman is a strong woman who views her body as a sacred temple. She is the personification of plenty, a living treasure trove in human form. At the same time, the Taurus woman strikes a balance between a strong concentration and a tough work ethic, as well a love of fun, relaxation, and beauty. She works hard, and when she's done for the day, she rests even harder.

Nothing can define her better than being a Bawse – A person who exudes confidence, reaches goals, gets hurt and smiles genuinely because they've fought through it all and made it out the other side.

Her qualities make her dependable and secure, and she brings a sense of purpose to everything she does. If anything is worth doing at all, she will do it well, right down to the last detail and this applies to every area of her life, from personal artistic ventures to her professional endeavours.

She is as rare as a diamond and deserve to have the namesake bracelet set.

If she's committed to something she doesn't really believe in, her thoroughness and fixity will get her into trouble, because once the blinders are firmly strapped into place, she's normally in it for the long haul. There is strength in peace and quiet; and always keeps her cool and knows how to stand her ground.

Making time to relax and enjoy life is critical to the wellbeing and balance of these strong and courageous people – with brave wings, she flies!

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