Zodiac Speak: Libra

Libra, often considered the most gentle and charming personalities, Librans truly rule the world. The sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, hence they fixate on everything beautiful in life and make it their own. As an air sign, libras are simultaneously strategic yet spontaneous, focused yet intuitive making their personality a mix of everything great in life.

Wielding confidence and knowledge like no other, Libras are surely dynamic people to be around. Y Jewelry brings you a collection of charms based on traits special to Libras so you flaunt your unique personality with a flair.


A fan favourite amongst friends and a born influencer, Libra's charming personality is one to look forward to. Once they turn the charm on, prepare to be amazed. Fueled by the cosmic energy of their ruling planet Venus, they are easy going yet comfortable which makes them very attractive. Y Jewelry recommends the You’re So Loved charm in 925 sterling silver and paved with genuine Swarovski crystal for the lovable, charming librans.


The world Libra and balanced are synonymous in nature. Represented by the scales as their zodiac, Libras are in constant search of balance and harmony in life. Striking the perfect stability between personal and professional, hard work and leisure, extroverted yet introverted, Librans are truly the masters of living a steady life. As a symbol of balanced duality, Y Jewelry recommends the Yin Yang charm in 925 sterling silver so you signify your personality with pride.


Born with the ability to analyze situations, they know in their hearts how to strike perfect harmony between everything. Encouraging fair solutions and justice constantly in every phase of life they embark on is true Libran style. With a logical mind and a will to motor through, anything is possible for a Libra. For the fair and just Librans, Y Jewelry recommends the 18 k gold plated Libra Charm in 925 sterling silver so that you flaunt the wonderful you, always.


As a true blue radical and rational thinker, Librans tend to create perfect ways to utilize their time in the best possible way. Anything they commit to, they give hundred percent of their time and energy in. Librans always firstly think about the people around them and make decisions that benefit them. For the idealist Librans, Y Jewelry recommends the 18 k rose gold plated Crescent Moon charm made with 925 sterling silver to rightfully depict the intuitiveness and empowerment in Libra personality.


Librans are surely passionate and clever people. Along with being classy, they are also extremely calm and intellectual. Librans are thoughtful and understanding with a super sharp wit that helps them achieve every goal they set their eyes on. Fueled by an active imagination, they are quick on their feet and act as excellent conversationalists. Y Jewelry recommends the Tree of Life charm made with 925 sterling silver which is representative of harmony and existence of life, depicting exactly how Librans walk through life with a zeal like no other.

Make way for the legal eagles!

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