The Perfect Rakh(Y) Gift

The Perfect Rakh(Y) Gift

There is a Vietnamese proverb that says,
“Brothers and sisters are as close as hands and feet.”

No matter the varying words that say it, or the frequency, there is one universal truth that will always stand strong – the bond between a brother and his sister is incomparable and this very unique relationship is celebrated on Rakshabandhan. When that sister ties a thread to her brother with the silent request to the forces of nature to always protect him, he, in turn, promises to always protect her.


Away from the sentimentality of the day, it is also a day of pampering for the siblings, and do we have some wonderful options for your brothers to indulge your sisters in. To make things easier, we have a few questions for you to answer. 

How do you define your sister?

Your confidant?

Your partner in crime?

The first person you think of when you want to celebrate any great news. 

Gift her sterling personality a sterling silver bracelet, showing her that she is the moon to your stars, and everything is better when you have your sister at your side. And we have just the charm set to declare your infinite love

Does she have a penchant for travel?

Gift her the dream that it is not so far away – when she will be able to journey across the world to her heart’s delight. Paint a picture of Paris in the autumn/fall, elevate with the sound of the Sienne flowing. Catching that flight with such anticipation that you want to capture everything on Instagram, for all to see. 

 Does she wear her heart on her sleeve?

As a brother, you just want to do your best to protect your sister. Especially when she has such a large heart, who agrees to practically anything you desire. You want her to remember that no matter where you are, she has your heart with her as well – along with the promise that you will protect her always. Celebrate your bond of purest love with a charm set that’s meant for just that.

You are just thankful that she is a part of your life.

Yes, you fight, slam doors, pull each other’s cheeks – in between the constant leg-pulling – tattle, make each other cry a few times – laugh a lot more. But the two of you are inseparable, and you just to be thankful that she is always around and support you. Say out loud with the Love You More neck chain set.


Your sister and you have a bond that nobody can break – and the love you share is equally unique. Show her she is truly one of a kind – with a bespoke charm-set made exclusively for her. Make it a perfect Rakh(Y).

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