Kind of Charms and Their Meaning

Kind of Charms and Their Meaning

Most of us wear charms as a symbolic statement. They are undoubtedly an exquisite piece of jewelry, but charms are more popular due to their deep symbolic meanings. For years, charms have continued to serve as meaningful symbols and heirlooms.

In the 90s, these jewelry pieces had become even more popular with the hippy, trend-loving jewelry wearers. They regarded charms as a "very cool" accessory and soon made them a must-have jewelry item for everyone. But if there's one thing that has remained consistent, it is the identity marker that charms tend to be.

Most people have comfort, assurance, and reminder in wearing a charm that relates to their personal life. You will find a wide variety of popular charms. Below we will look at the different kinds of charms and decipher the meaning behind them.

Evil Eyes Charm

The evil eye charm has been a symbol of protection since ancient times. Its primary meaning is to ward off negative energies or evil eyes that may come across the wearer. While most traditional evil eye charms are blue, modern charms feature different designs and colors.

You can now commonly find evil eye charms with brown, violet, and green eyes as well, apart from the traditional blue.

Angel Charms

The symbolic meaning of an angel charm is a guardian for the wearer. Those who wear angel charms typically seek a guardian to protect and look out for them during challenging, dangerous and difficult times.

The primary meaning attached to angel charms includes spirituality and a sense of protection.

Butterfly Charms

Butterfly charms have perhaps been the most popular type of charms, next to heart and evil eye charms. They symbolize transformation, change, and renewal. People generally opt for butterfly charms when they are experiencing, anticipating, or hoping for a positive change in life.

This charm design is a superb option for those in the middle of essential phases in their life. In ancient times, people would wear butterfly charms when they came of age, often during ceremonies held in their honor.

Apart from symbolic meanings, butterfly charms are utterly exquisite. You will especially love the illuminated varieties in modern butterfly charm collections. A charm as delightful as this one will always cheer you up.

Crescent Moon and Stars Charm

The Crescent moon and stars charm has been a classic constant for centuries. Besides being a stunning jewelry design, people believe that celestial moon and stars symbolize magical dreams. Since ancient times, people have associated the crescent moon with fertility, womanhood, empowerment, psyche, and intuitiveness.

They say that a crescent moon is symbolic of all the good things that the Goddess Selene wished for generations. Today, most jewelry wearers opt for the moon and star charm to symbolize new beginnings, optimism, and hope.

If you feel your spirit weary and your enthusiasm wearing off when days get tough, a moon and stars charm could be a mood-changer.

Rose Charm

Romance, love, and poetry have been a part of human emotions from time immemorial. Nothing can express feelings of love and care for others better than certain symbols of nature. Take the rose, for example; it has been the primary source of expression for loved ones.

This is why rose charms haven’t lost their popularity even slightly since the design first took birth. People wear and gift rose charms to their special ones as a symbol of their love and commitment. In addition to feelings of love, rose charms also symbolize sacrifice, luck, prosperity, marriage, power, hope, youthfulness, and more.

In the old days, sailors would commonly gift rose charms to honor their partners, wives, or mothers. The purpose of the charm was to provide peace to the loved ones while their sailor was out on the sea.


You will find the usage of coin charms throughout history. People have worn them through decades as a symbol of good fortune and luck. Others use coin charms for their religious significance. Many jewelry designers later adopted coins for their vintage jewelry collection, mainly catering to religious crowds.

For most, coins also represent love, and you will note many inscribing messages and poetries of adoration. Coins were especially a popular charm design during the 13th century when people back then wore these as talismans.

Today, coin charms are also popular zodiac jewelry pieces and represent astrological signs of the wearers. They’re also a popular accessory for the trending layered jewelry looks presently.

Bot Charms

Since the inception of sci-fi characters, bot charms have risen in popularity, especially with millennials. Gal bot charms and others are a particular favorite among teens, who find a boost for their adventurous spirits in this charm variety.

If you wish to bring an adventurous spirit to your ordinary life, perhaps a gal bot charm is the best way to start.


Lion charms are for the fearless jewelry wearers. They are the best symbol of strength, integrity, and fearlessness. Lion charms remind the wearers to stand for what they believe in, not caring or fearing the amount of adversity in the way.

Lion charms are about resilience, arming the wearers with the power to move onwards and upwards. The inspiration behind the creation of lion charms comes from ancient civilization. The Sicilians and Greeks typically used lions in their motifs to signify power and strength. They were pretty popular among the warriors especially.

Clover Leaf Charms

Cloverleaf charms were first popular among the Irish, who came up with the four-leaf clover variety for good luck. Soon, these lucky charms became a universal symbol, and jewelry wearers worldwide adopted this design as a symbol of luck and prosperity.

The cloverleaf charms have since inspired numerous other designs, including the magical charms for positivity and prosperity.


Flower charms featuring blooms and blossoms symbolize empowerment. When people wear flower charms, the pieces serve as resources to remind them that they can tackle any situation. It reminds them of the power vested inside that enables them to bloom and blossom, even in the face of adversity.

When times are tough, a flower charm could be the perfect way to lift your spirits and blossom in wild abandon and with abundance. Flowers also symbolize rebirth, transformation, and enlightenment. The lotus charms, for instance, tell how the flower can rise from mud and bloom despite complete darkness.

It radiates in a world where nothing else glows, and that's just the type of spirit and outlook we must all possess in life.

Final Thoughts

Charms have always been, and continue to be, a popular choice of jewelry for wearers. As people increasingly seek out new designs and varieties of charms, it is good to understand the symbolic meaning behind each.

With complete knowledge of the history, inspiration, and meaning of a charm, you'll be able to choose something that will give a personalized feel. Charms primarily reflect the person and the identity of the wearer. Hence, choosing one while considering its religious, symbolic, astrological, or protective significance is the best approach.
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