Charms: the perfect accessory for every generation!

Jewelry plays an essential role in every woman’s life. Be it pretend play as a young girl trying out her mom’s jewelry, exploring one’s style in their early 20s or gracefully donning jewels as a lady and owning her womanhood, jewelry is a crucial part of every stage of life. With every decade of a woman’s life, comes an entirely new personal style statement, which makes charm jewelry the perfect companion for every generation.

Donned with real swarovski crystals and 18k gold plating, these 925 sterling silver charms by Y Jewelry are an investment, not just as a point of longevity but also sentimental value. The versatility of these charms is ideal and something that can be passed through generations.

Have a look at our vast range of unique and alluring charms for every generation:

The Peppy Teens

Teenage is a wonderful time in a woman’s life as it is all about finding a voice that culminates in your personal style. Being the most experimental age, there are no rules when it comes to accessorizing. As a teenager, one can add bright colors, interesting motifs, pop culture related charms to their accessories. We recommend the Y Jewelry Game Time charm and the Lock of Love charm in 925 sterling silver, studded with real swarovski crystals and 18k gold plating so that you let your inner diva shine. There is no limit to your expression at this stage, the more charms the better!

The Sparkling Twenties

Known as the most transformative decade in a woman’s life, the twenties is when the biggest milestones are experienced. From getting a degree, to your first job, twenties are when a woman gets to experience life on her own terms and truly find themselves. Your twenties are the time to opt for trendy and chic charms which you can stack up and flaunt at social events. We recommend the I come in Peace charm which radiates joy, the dainty Power of Eight charm, the Pear Drop charm for grace and the Hand of Fatima charm for a touch of prosperity. Each of these is made of 925 sterling silver, real swarovski crystals and 18k gold plating which makes them a true asset.

The Minimal Thirties

Your thirties are a decade where a woman has made a mark in her life, be it professional or personal achievements. This is the decade to look your professional best and choose accessories that are minimal, dainty and sharp. These are the years that show that you have discovered your personal style and these charms are exactly what you need. We recommend the ultra chic 18k gold plated Pearl Drop charm, the swarovski studded I Come in Peace charm and the Perfect Square charm in 18k rose gold plating for a look that radiates elegant sophistication.

The Regal Forties

Your forties are a true example of utmost elegance and grace. By the time you’ve reached this decade, you’ll be an inspiration for future generations to come with your beauty and confidence. The sheer glow and panache of your 40s are full of unequivocal and infectious charm. In this decade, your style statement would be as modish as it can be. We recommend the Y Jewelry Pear Drop charm which has a swarovski crystal set in an 18k gold plated body of 925 sterling silver. This charm represents regality and sophistication making it a timeless accessory perfect for passing onto future generations.

From statement pieces to minimal elegance, charms are truly a woman’s best friend at every age!

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